What Are The Benefits of Ebooks?

In this post you will learn

  • The benefits of having an ebook

  • What you must do before writing an ebook

  • What must be in the ebook

  • How long it should be

  • What to do with it when it is written

Ebooks are written to provide information. Thus there are benefits to both the author and the reader.

The Author gets their message across about a subject that the reader wants to learn about and the reader is better informed as a result.

And for the reader there is the convenience factor. They can download the ebook and read it at their convenience on a phone, tablet or laptop irrespective of whether there is wifi available.

Thus train/plane journeys or passing time at a coffee shop can be occupied by being entertained or absorbed in reading and learning from an ebook.

For the Author the benefit is that they have given value to the reader by providing the answers that they seek. That promotes the Author and builds trust. Truly a Win-Win scenario

Can Businesses Use Ebooks For Marketing

If they are not then they should as ebooks are a perfect way of promoting the brand of the business if done in the right way.

If the book is poorly written with no images and no real information then the reader will remember the business for the wrong reasons.

So first you must decide what topic will appeal to your audience. An ebook about flower arranging with links to your florist shop will be more relevant than a book about running shoes with links to your florist shop.

Then you must decide on what your purpose is for writing the ebook i.e. what is your marketing strategy?

Is it to be given away in exchange for an email address so that you can send newsletters or promote goods or services?

Is it to contain links to your website with offers of goods or services or someone else’s?

Is it to encourage shares or likes on social media platforms?

Having a clear Call To Action can make or break the whole purpose of having an ebook so clarity of purpose is essential for any good ebook.

What Makes A Good Ebook?

It starts with having an appealing cover. It should entice the potential reader with a professional and attractive cover that teases your content.

It needs a great title which should be informative, provocative and be written in plain English.

“10 Ways To lose Fat In 10 Days” reads better than “New Diet”

You need a clear value proposition so that it is obvious what a reader will learn or gain from reading your ebook.

Well written content is a must. It should offer valuable information which will show off your expertise and engage the reader.

It needs good images to break up the text and make the reading experience easier. Make sure they are relevant to where they are placed.

And at the end have a clear Call To Action. Make sure the readers know what to do when they have finished your ebook and how to do it.

You will see ours at the end of this post……and why we wrote it!

How Long Should An Ebook Be?

Great question to which there is no right answer.

You don’t want to write War and Peace but at the same time you don’t want it to be simple fluff.

There will always need to be a balance between making it too basic which will annoy those who want more detail and making it too advanced which most readers will not understand.

Too many pages can be as off putting as having too few.

But it all depends on the content you want to publish. As a guideline you should think in terms of the number of words in the book.

As an example this post will be available as an ebook and it has 1280 words and runs to 10 pages.

A bare minimum would be 500 words and anything over 2500 and you should be thinking of splitting it into a series of ebooks with each one being a chapter and the Call To Action being the next in the series.

The important thing is to give value. The reader must feel that they gained from the time spent reading it.

People will only read your ebook if it promises to give information about a topic the reader is interested in or wants to learn more about.

Therefore if you promise “10 Tips to Lose Weight Fast” you must give them at least ten tips that are relevant.

Only giving five with a promotion to your gym membership will leave the reader feeling cheated and unlikely to want to join your club.

But if you give them an extra two tips with links to some diet recipes then they feel grateful that you have over delivered and be more likely to contact you for more help or information.

In fact your ebook should encourage them to contact you for more information by giving an email and links to your Social Media platforms like the Facebook Business Page.

Facebook frowns on you asking for shares or likes in a post but if your post offers your ebook then it is allowed that within that ebook you ask for a like if they enjoyed the ebook or invite them to share the post.

Likewise if you use Twitter the same principal applies and you ask in the ebook for retweets.

How To Use An Ebook

As mentioned above, you decided the reason you wanted the ebook before it was written. Having got it then how do you get people to read it?

In the same way as in Architecture “form follows function” then if your intent is to give it away in exchange for an email address then you need a landing page with an optin form.

People see the offer on the page and if they sign up they get sent to a download area and see the ebook.

For Social Media you simply give it away in a post but within the ebook is a request to share or like the post.

Or you put it on your own website or newsletter for people to read thereby engaging them and building trust.

But it does not end there.

There is so much more you can do with your ebook that will increase your audience and improve the standing of your website.

There is something called Content Remarketing.

You can read a post about all of the other uses of ebooks and what is meant by Content Remarketing by using the link

In Conclusion

By now you will have gathered that ebooks do not just happen. A lot of thought has to go in to the process.

Most businesses are too busy running their business to have the time to do all that is necessary to achieve the desired result.

So we can help by doing it all for you.

Suggest you look at Our Services page where the process is explained.

And this post was written as an example as to how a blog post can be converted into an ebook that can be given away

You can see the end result by clicking the image.

Some of the words and content have been changed (post to ebook and the Thank You page) in order to show it as a book not a post.

And we can do the same for any article or post on your site.

So look at Our Services page and let us produce your ebook.

Thanks for reading.