How To Ask A Girl Out

Start By Flirting With Her

Whether you are an adult or still at school you may fear rejection. After all, nobody wishes to ask a girl out on a date only to hear no. Obviously, you should not let the prospect of rejection stop you from approaching a female, but if you are afraid of being turned down then it is probably better to start by gently flirting with her or one of her friends. want to ask a girl outBy flirting with another girl or lady, you can see if she wants you to be paying attention to her instead. Then you can take the plunge and request a date.

Sadly when it comes to flirting most males just don’t know where to begin. Females are far better at flirting and have the skill well and truly mastered. So, exactly what should you do?

Distance yourself from the group.

If you are at a high school sporting occasion or a bar then the chances are you are with a group of close friends. Whereas it is possible to flirt when in a group your success rate improves measurably when you distance yourself from the crowd. Whether you go to another part of the room alone or approach the girl directly, just do it!

Remember To Smile

If you wish to impress someone and potentially score a first date then you have to smile. It doesn’t matter what your state of mind is, smile.

Did you have a bad day at work? Did you get a bad grade at school? It does not matter, you must still smile. Even if that smile is fake, it helps you to impress people especially women. No one wants to be with someone who is angry or miserable!

Whether you flirt with somebody up close or from afar, a smile is essential. Plus, a smile shows that you are friendly, which will enhance your chances of a lady flirting with you in return.

Make eye contact

Eye contact is a terrific way to start the flirting dance. When you arrive in the room scan the crowd to see who is there. Chances are you will immediately lock eyes with a lady somewhere across the room.

how to ask a girl out for a dateDo not freak out if she isn’t really the one who interests you. Locking eyes with a complete stranger is natural, however up-close is when it actually matters.

Whether you keep checking out a woman or approach her for a conversation, make eye contact. This reveals that you are interested in her. You can wait for her to make the next step or jump right in yourself.

Say Hi

This is where many men make a mistake. If a lady interests you, approach her and say hi. Follow that greeting with a quick general question, such as “are you enjoying yourself?”

The mistake that lots of guys make is following hi with a cheesy pickup line. Yes, using a pickup line is a excellent way to flirt with a girl but most pick-up lines are lame and borderline offensive. If your aim is to ask a girl out on a date then why put her off you by being an obvious jerk?

Don’t panic

When flirting with the opposite sex, it is common for uncomfortable moments to occur. You are likely to tell a bad joke, she might state something mildly offending, or there may be breaks in the conversation. If so, do not panic. Just continue the banter or simply laugh it off.

Flirting is about creating a good impression and a desire in the other person. If you are good at flirting the girl may even ask you for a date!

End the flirting on your terms

Whether you are or are not interested after talking to her or if you are struggling for something to say, end the flirting on your terms. Do so by saying you have to leave or get back to your buddies. When you leave, offer her your contact number. This puts the next move on her shoulders and takes the pressure off you. If she wants a date, she will certainly call.

Be polite to those who flirt with you

Whether you are at a high school sports video game or a bar, someone in the crowd should find you interesting. The girl may approach you….after all many women have flirting mastered. But remember that women talk to each other and compare notes. So if you are rude or short with one girl you may develop a reputation that means that no girl wants to be seen with you.

This is particularly true if you have been flirting with one girl but really wanted somebody else?

Well do not blow her off. Share a dance, have a quick conversation, or let her buy you a coffee. Don’t lose too much time, as you wish to flirt with the actual girl you find attractive, but that woman might be watching you and summing you up. Ladies watch men in public settings so see to it that she sees you being nice to others.

Shyness is an Attitude not a Failing

It is OK to be shy. None of us want the pain of rejection even though it is the times we are rejected that live with us and we forget all of those who we have rejected.

To ask a girl out takes confidence and a rejection just means that there is someone better waiting for you. There are some great tips on how to proceed which you can get after the video.

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