What You Can Do With An Ebook

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So you have your ebook and are using it for the purpose you decided to create it for. But you can do more.

Its like having a Ferrari and only using first gear.

There is so much more that your ebook can do for you. After all one of its objectives was to increase your audience or customer base


Think of a hot dog seller providing hotdogs at a stadium. Pretty sure he will sell more on match days than he will on days when nothing is being played!

The point is that you go to the place where people are visiting and that is where Content Remarketing comes in.

Content Remarketing is simply putting your content out there in different formats i.e. video,audio etc.

Different people look for information in different places so if your ebook is available all over the internet there is a better chance that more people will see it.

By reusing your content you reach a larger audience and thus increase the promotion of your brand.

Of course you can just upload your ebook to the pdf sharing sites (there are lots of them. Just search Google for “pdf sharing sites”).

But you are only reaching out to those looking for pdf’s and whilst you should do this in any event it is not reusing your content.

Convert Your Ebook To a Podcast

Lots of folk prefer to listen rather than read especially those who travel a lot. They can plug in their ear buds and learn whilst on the move either running, walking, on a train or plane etc.

And listening whilst driving is a great way to make the journey go faster.

All you have to do is read your ebook (or have it done for you) and upload the mp3 file to one of the podcast/audio books sites.

Just remember to mention your links/website address.

Make Your Ebook Into Slides and Then Video

This has a double benefit as the slides can be used as a Powerpoint Presentation as well as a video.

If you have not heard of or visited SlideShare then a visit will impress you. It has tens of thousands of visitors every day as their audience likes to look and read at the same time.

And there are other such platforms all of which have regular visitors.

When you have the slides then they can easily be made into a video and put up on YouTube, Vimeo etc.

And if you are looking for a global audience or selling digital products to a specific country then the same video can be captioned with text in different languages.Visit Our Services page to learn more

Guest Blogging

If you search for guest blogging sites on the topic your ebook is written then you can approach those sites and offer your book as a post which might interest their readers.

Blogs are always looking for fresh content and provided that the book is informative and not spammy they are likely to agree.

Thus you are seen by their audience as well.

Benefits of Content Remarketing

If you go where the crowd is then your chances of being heard/seen are much better. But everywhere you publish will also create a backlink to your website thereby improving your rankings.

Say that you do all of the above and put the podcast on the top 4 audio sites, the slides on the top 4 slide sharing sites, the videos on 5 video sites, do 2 guest blogs and put the pdf on 5 sharing sites.

That is 20 backlinks to your site but more importantly you increase your potential reach enormously.

It's another Win-Win.

Or you can just let your ebook sit on your server and gather cyberdust.

In Conclusion

Now you know what to do the question is Will You Do It?

Answer: Probably not


Well its all a bit of a pain. Setting up accounts all over the place takes time. You don’t like the sound of your voice so doing a podcast is unattractive.

And where do you start to convert an ebook into slides let alone a video?

Where do you find the time?

Well the good news is that it can all be done for you.

We can even write the ebook to begin with.

Suggest you visit the Our Services page and have a look.

Thanks for reading.